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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

November so far...

Kids on rainy day!!
Ryan and his trains, He loves them still and know all of thier names. Yea, Thomas and Friends took over the house and looks like they arent going anywhere anytime soon.

Well our remodeling was really kicked into gear, when we discovered water leak.. so bring on the painting..

My craft room  :( hopefully I will get to resume craft making soon. The house is quite chaotic at the moment. I hope to paint and then post pics of a great new rooms,!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


The last three weekends I have gotten to spend time with my main friend base.. This has been so encouraging since I feel like Kansas is a friend desert. It takes time to build friendships and since we have been gone most weekends with farming (Agco has Pete working 60 to 70 hrs a week) this has left not much time for friendship building.. 

Tonya and her kids came to visit at the farm! She is an amazing spiritual leader and encourager and great mommy friend, also my go to on excerise and diet.. yea she has three kids but ya cant tell.. great decorator and organizer too..

Then last weekend I got to scrapbook with some of Stillwater friends!

This is Suzanne- my ex neighbor and closest friends. Our kids played togethor all the time, we have 6 years of awesome memories and have still managed to make more despite the distance now. One of our favorite things to do was go to the movies when its icey and nasty outside and escape the craziness of our couped up families! We also worked out togethor,shopped, went to church togethor and of course scrapbooked!

Here's the group!

Liz and I met at college- Noc days. My roommate at the time cousins were killed in a car accident right after her parents dropped her off and Liz was a peer counselor that was sent in to counsel my roommate.We have been friends for over 11 years!! We make it a point to get togethor several times a year.. She is the most organized person I know!!

  This my crazy silly friend Melissa. We were pregnant togethor with our daughters and our sons are a year apart. We have alot in common with our families too! We were garage selling buddies on Friday mornings, Panera Bread and of course lots of unnecessary shopping trips..shh!! most of the time its really to get our kids energy out and sneak out with Suzanne and Melinda to the movies whenever we could.
Yesterday, I got to see Mindy and Caitlin. Two of my "oldest" friends.. Caitlin is a high school buddy and college roommate. We NEVER remember to take a pic togethor. thats why there is no pic of her.. This is an old pic of Mindy holding Lily as a newborn. I met her the summer of 1999 when I worked at Falls Creek. We got to see Caitlin's new house and eat yummy mexican food.. one of our fav things to do!!

My friendship cup is boiling over at the moment!! Thank goodness!! It was a really a blessing to see familar faces and enjoy laughs, It was much needed!!