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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Happenings....

Since it was a 3 day weekend we got to go the farm for some of it. Its the time of year for the prep of harvest is starting. Its typically not till June but it takes alot of work to make sure the everything is ready.

The kids were excited to ride with Pete.. I have a love/hate relationship with this wheat truck. Its nice cause it holds more wheat than the blue truck buts its a pain to stop and turn.

Pete and I got to eat at Bad Brad's for a date night!! Its the best BBQ!! 

The kids got to hunt eggs with thier cousins!! (yes, I forgot the baskets)

Pete dressed Lily-- She looked like a bag lady. Katie said it well- He doesnt want her ever to get married!

Kids right before church.

After church we went out to eat with the Sieberts. It was nice to eat with other people, we havent got to do that much since moving to Newton.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here and there...

I couldnt find my camera so I'm a little behind in blogging. I found it of course in the bottom of my purse. We have been working on our yard, pulled up some old trees and planting some bulbs. Lily was a big helper! She had a blast putting the bulbs in the holes.

Ryan helped Pete with the grass. Hopefully with the rain it will start to grow!

Fred was supervising. He wants grass too.

Ryan discovered roly pollies.

Do you see the little feet in the corner? We were at Pete's mom house and Lily decided she didnt want to take nap. As if we couldnt hear her giggling???

Just cruising with his red headed cousin. The weather has been really back and forth. The wind has been really cold so it has taken some outdoor time away. We all have sinus infections from pulling up all the old carpet.. We are starting to get stuff ready for the farm season and thats always fun!!  I am excited for summer sometimes the traveling back and forth to the farm is crazy but cant say we are ever bored!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A good day...

As many of you that have known me in the last 15 years or so have seen the struggles of life with a mother that has Paraniod Schizophrenia here's a link to learn more about it info. However these expriences have brought me to closer and more dependent in my relationship with Jesus. Sometimes a visit with her goes midly well and sometimes its horrible and heartbreaking. I always keep my expectations really low and pray alot. However, I was really excited for this visit because we were going to the last place we lived were life was "normal".  The above is a picture of  house that  was part of the underground railroad. I remember touring it as a kid. It has alot of secret tunnels in the basement and one comes out to the front of the house.

This was where I went to Elementary School.

This is the church where I learned about Jesus as a child.

This is the other side- They have added on alot in the last 17 years.

This the barn that my sister and I played hours and hours in. Yes, my parents ran out of paint right at the end. I still love red barns.

This a cement cow tank. otherwise known as my sister and I's swimming pool. well until she started putting animals in it that could or couldnt swim.. then it became a pond. there used to be a fence there and behind it was where the garden was and we also boarded horses for people. The house has been torn down now.

I fell out of this tree when I was like 10. Almost to the top, it wasnt a fun fall :(  but I didnt break anything.All those  little trees werent there so the yard was huge! My sister and I spent countless hours outside playing and often reading. In the summer we made one trip into town a week and if we were lucky the library was on the list. I has major obbession with Nancy Drew so we often acted out a book or made up mysteries to solve.

We stopped to eat lunch at our 4-H leaders house. They were like grandparents to us since ours were so far away. The kids did great at lunch.

This was where I learned to paint ceramics. Jan was a 4-H leader and taught ceramics. It was so fun! She also helped get  me into AKC dog training and my sister into bucket calves.

This is a pic of Dan and Jan outside of the door to thier basement. She was also our hardresser. Whenever I wanted a perm, she would have me come work for her (cleaning, outdoor chores). They were a great influence on our lives and it was so neat to see them agian. I know my mom really enjoyed it.

This was my favorite part of the day. Days like this dont come often with my mom but I will treasure and greatly and keeping praying for her healing wether its on earth or not its up to the Lord. But I know that one day when she is in Heaven she will be healed of these troubles and there are no fear or tears in Heaven.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some Spring Days!!

Ryan had a blast today climbing trees,"helping" me pull the vine around the tree out, walking to the park on 10th street to eat lunch and just getting play outside all day long! We went to Applebees tonight for dinner and the kids both ordered Kraft mac and cheese.. way to branch out kids :)

This week we got to spend time with our Oklahoma cousins. They had a blast!! I love watching them play togethor.

Next year this little one will be in on the action too!

The kids were so content playing outside today! Have I mentioned that I LOVE Spring??

While we are playing and climbing trees, Pete replaced the living room floor!

The walls are actually a khaki color but with the flash it looks white. We are still debating a rug (I say yes, he says no). This the room right when you walk into the house. Its mainly used for visitors. On the other side of the wall is the family room off the kitchen which we sit in there all the time. I had wanted to tear down the wall but its a load baring wall so cant do that. Anyways its nice to get projects done!!