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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A good day...

As many of you that have known me in the last 15 years or so have seen the struggles of life with a mother that has Paraniod Schizophrenia here's a link to learn more about it info. However these expriences have brought me to closer and more dependent in my relationship with Jesus. Sometimes a visit with her goes midly well and sometimes its horrible and heartbreaking. I always keep my expectations really low and pray alot. However, I was really excited for this visit because we were going to the last place we lived were life was "normal".  The above is a picture of  house that  was part of the underground railroad. I remember touring it as a kid. It has alot of secret tunnels in the basement and one comes out to the front of the house.

This was where I went to Elementary School.

This is the church where I learned about Jesus as a child.

This is the other side- They have added on alot in the last 17 years.

This the barn that my sister and I played hours and hours in. Yes, my parents ran out of paint right at the end. I still love red barns.

This a cement cow tank. otherwise known as my sister and I's swimming pool. well until she started putting animals in it that could or couldnt swim.. then it became a pond. there used to be a fence there and behind it was where the garden was and we also boarded horses for people. The house has been torn down now.

I fell out of this tree when I was like 10. Almost to the top, it wasnt a fun fall :(  but I didnt break anything.All those  little trees werent there so the yard was huge! My sister and I spent countless hours outside playing and often reading. In the summer we made one trip into town a week and if we were lucky the library was on the list. I has major obbession with Nancy Drew so we often acted out a book or made up mysteries to solve.

We stopped to eat lunch at our 4-H leaders house. They were like grandparents to us since ours were so far away. The kids did great at lunch.

This was where I learned to paint ceramics. Jan was a 4-H leader and taught ceramics. It was so fun! She also helped get  me into AKC dog training and my sister into bucket calves.

This is a pic of Dan and Jan outside of the door to thier basement. She was also our hardresser. Whenever I wanted a perm, she would have me come work for her (cleaning, outdoor chores). They were a great influence on our lives and it was so neat to see them agian. I know my mom really enjoyed it.

This was my favorite part of the day. Days like this dont come often with my mom but I will treasure and greatly and keeping praying for her healing wether its on earth or not its up to the Lord. But I know that one day when she is in Heaven she will be healed of these troubles and there are no fear or tears in Heaven.

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  1. Oh wow. The memories. Love that barn. Love it. The concrete tank. Remember that. So sad the house is not there.

    I have not seen Jan in forever... well, since the last time I did 4-H, whenever that was.

    I love the picture of your mom with Lily. What a treasure.