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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some Spring Days!!

Ryan had a blast today climbing trees,"helping" me pull the vine around the tree out, walking to the park on 10th street to eat lunch and just getting play outside all day long! We went to Applebees tonight for dinner and the kids both ordered Kraft mac and cheese.. way to branch out kids :)

This week we got to spend time with our Oklahoma cousins. They had a blast!! I love watching them play togethor.

Next year this little one will be in on the action too!

The kids were so content playing outside today! Have I mentioned that I LOVE Spring??

While we are playing and climbing trees, Pete replaced the living room floor!

The walls are actually a khaki color but with the flash it looks white. We are still debating a rug (I say yes, he says no). This the room right when you walk into the house. Its mainly used for visitors. On the other side of the wall is the family room off the kitchen which we sit in there all the time. I had wanted to tear down the wall but its a load baring wall so cant do that. Anyways its nice to get projects done!!


  1. YAY FOR SPRING AND YES TO RUGS! The floors are beautiful and Pete did a great job! BUT I think it does need a rug at least in the sitting area to help break it up a little!

  2. Love the floor! Love that you have spring!

    I think it needs a rug to anchor the sitting area. the floor is beautiful, but it feels like the furniture is bobbing around in a sea of wood. It needs a raft to sit on. :P But then, it's not my house. lol.