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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yummy cooking, blogs and some sand fun too.

We have been moving so I haven't been able to blog at all! I have also missed reading all the neat blogs that I follow. I didn't realize how neat the blog world  was until I moved to Kansas and everyone at church seemed to have one. I have learned so much from reading thiers and ones they follow!

Here's some for meal planning- she puts her weekly meal plan on here with links to recipes neat recipes and inspiring adoption journey and birth stories of preemie babies.

\ - lots and lots of crockpot recipes!! this my friend Andrea's blog- I feel like she is the queen of finding yummy recipes to try online. She inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen! If you know me well then you know I am new at really enjoying cooking!

I have lots more but will save them for another day :)

                                                               The kids have been hanging out with Grandma Freda.
                                                                Ryan really loves to cook with her!

Lily just likes to eat the icing.

                                                Ryan and Pete made a sand mote.
                                                They filled it up water and let it explode and then start all over agian.
                                                 Pete used to do this with his brothers when they were young.
Ryan started school this morning. He goes in the morning Pre-K class.
Lily just wanted in the picture.

                                                 Ryan is totally giving me the " quit taking pics look"