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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun Friend Time!

I was so excited when Dana Baker emailed me and said she was gonna be in the Wichita area over last weekend. Her mom had eye surgergy done (thankfully it went well, she had to sit staring at the ceiling all weekend tho so her cornea could reattach) anyways Dana and I met at the movies Sunday night for an outing.

I hadnt really explored this area much but its really neat area in downtown..
Well minus the confusing ONE WAY streets.We decided to splurge and sit in the Director's chair room.. It was soo fun!! Totally worth the splurge!! They chairs are comfortable, a waiter serves u dinner

We got to take the elevator up the the theatre

Yes, these chairs are soo comfy.. We forgot to take pics of the food but its really yummy! 

Oh and yes, I looked at the menu figured out my Weight Watchers points and had a GREAT time with a sweet friend! Thats one thing I love about the Point plus program, I am not limited and I am learning all kinds of stuff about food and actually how to cook it.. but thats another blog.. Thanks Dana for the GREAT laughs!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

February and books..

Ok so other than the fact the Lily has a Febraury birthday, February is my least favorite month this year. Cold, yucky, dreary... oh and this year two big snow storms, kids had the flu.. yeah.. I have had CABIN FEVER quite a bit.  I love a day at home where we veg and do nothing but two weeks and cranky kids not so much.. Ryan loves the snow tho!!

Lily got a kitchen and she loves it.. Its so fun watching her play, she is so quiet compared to her brother at that age. Speaking of Lily- I have recently met a new friend at church and I have been reading her blog regulary. Everyone here has blogs- apparently I have been missing out. But I have learned alot from reading my new friends blogs and I am greatly enjoying the bible studies- Entrusted with a Childs Heart some info here and MOM 2 MOM- its a monthly meeting where they feed us yummy food and our souls with Women who have traveled the road of mommyhood ahead of us!! This year's is based on this Family Fragrance- practical intentional ways to fill your home with the aroma of love.

 Here is the link to a blog of the friend I mentioned above-The Macs
 (WARNING-- ITs a heartbreaker... not for the faint of heart-- her 11mth old daughter died the day Lily was born) but also a sweet family that is allowing God to be honored and glorfied in thier lives.

I just finished Patricia Cornwell's new book- port-mortuary  Port Mortuary (A Scarpetta Novel)
  Its good. A little slow in the beginning but once I really got into I had to know how it ended! I have read them all in this series so there is no telling where Scarpetta will go or what she will go home and cook after seeing a crime scene..

These are next on my reading lists-- I try to read one book a month.. Its a great mental vacation!!
The Distant Hours And just cause I like to mix it up a little--Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boysbook
Mindy sent me this book below so I am gonna read it! Yes, I love mystery, suspense and Parenting books cause isnt Parenting really a big mystery sometimes??? okay most of the time!!!!!

And some more ficton--

I randomly saw this at the library and grabbed it as Lily was trying to take off her shoes and shirt..

Yeah thats like 5 mths of reading.. YAY!! Love having a stack of books!! What are u reading or wanting to read?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

favorite snow day things

                                   So we got snowed in this week. Pete made it to work safely thankfully because Agco never closes but it took him longer to get there. Here are a few of my favorite things on Snow Day.. Fred on the couch.. The dogs are mainly outdoors but when its cold they come in.. Fred loves the couch. He was our kid before we had kids. So he is a tad bit spoiled.
A warm fire so the kids and I can snuggle on the couch.

looking out the window
but not going out in it cause it soo nasty cold.

yes, I like warm comfort food
However I also love the bright colors on a fresh salad along with.. zero points for Weight Watchers and it reminds me of SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are a must when stuck in house with kids. yes, they are 6pts on Weight Watchers for 5 of them and they are soo worth every point. (dark chocolate)

  not necessarily this one but I love to do one these because I feel so much better after a "walk". Its one our cable (digital-on demand for free) but I also have gotten some at Walmart for $9. I started doing them with Suzanne- my neighbor in Oklahoma and its def a healthy addiction!! but I do prefer outside but this is great on blah day like today!!