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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fun Friend Time!

I was so excited when Dana Baker emailed me and said she was gonna be in the Wichita area over last weekend. Her mom had eye surgergy done (thankfully it went well, she had to sit staring at the ceiling all weekend tho so her cornea could reattach) anyways Dana and I met at the movies Sunday night for an outing.

I hadnt really explored this area much but its really neat area in downtown..
Well minus the confusing ONE WAY streets.We decided to splurge and sit in the Director's chair room.. It was soo fun!! Totally worth the splurge!! They chairs are comfortable, a waiter serves u dinner

We got to take the elevator up the the theatre

Yes, these chairs are soo comfy.. We forgot to take pics of the food but its really yummy! 

Oh and yes, I looked at the menu figured out my Weight Watchers points and had a GREAT time with a sweet friend! Thats one thing I love about the Point plus program, I am not limited and I am learning all kinds of stuff about food and actually how to cook it.. but thats another blog.. Thanks Dana for the GREAT laughs!!


  1. glad you had fun! Collin and i have always wanted to go to the WArren downtown, but have never done it...what did you guys see?

  2. We saw "just go with it" Hilarous!!

  3. How FUN! And your hair is gorgeous!