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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Craft

This time of year our little people are really antsy! Ryan is a child of  routine and several non school days makes him a tad cranky and restless and add in the excitement over Christmas = some wired little people!!!
I happened to read Amanda's Blog and thought it would great to have them do a craft to help structure our day.
                                            I found this craft mixture on clearance at the Perry Walmart for $1.97 this fall.

                                             Cut scraps of paper and made them look like a tree shape.

                                                Lily loves anything crafty. Mainly the making a mess part.

They "decorated" their trees.

                                                           Craft time = peaceful afternoon!
                                                          Thanks Amanda for the idea!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ten Years

 Well it's a good thing that I am not a professional blogger or I would be out of a job! This holiday season has flown by and I have thought about blogging a lot. Today I am fighting a cold and Grandma Freda came and took the little people for the afternoon,potato soup is in the crock pot and I have some down time. Ten years ago today I was getting my hair fixed and getting ready to get married.

We defiantly had a big adventure ahead of us. We look so young in these pictures! But at the time 22 and 23 seemed so old. So many things have changed since that day. We would graduate from college, got professional jobs,my grandfather and Pete's dad would go hang out with Jesus a few short months apart. We would move four times including out of state. We would take over the farming of Pete's family farm. I learned how to drive tractors, wheat trucks and now can tell you where all the fields are and how to get to them. Not to mention the two little people that joined us a few years ago.

We never would have imagined that we would have two redheaded babies! I have PCOS so our journey to
having a family was longer than we thought it would be.

Or that Pete would battle with Grave's Disease. He looks super skinny in this picture and I look super sleepy. I don't think Lily has enough pink on. Can you tell she was the first girl born on the Matthiesen side in several generations? We had 2 ultrasounds done because we were in such disbelief!
We have had lots of ups and downs over the ten years. Marriage is a big commitment. So many people get caught up in the wedding and forget that you have to live with the person too.

God brought us together and has brought us through alot of the last ten years too!
 I didn't want this post to be all gaggy and sappy cause Life isn't Fair and it isn't easy but I am thankful that I have Pete to experience this journey with me.We laugh a lot and we talk alot we don't always agree on everything but we have turned into those annoying couples that sometimes order the same thing at dinner because we both really want it and sometimes have the same color shirt on when we head out the door.( I always want to tell the waitress no really we both really like this and we didn't color coordinate our clothes either)

 I am excited to see what the next ten years brings and the next 60 years after that too.
 That puts us at 102 and 103.