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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Perfect?? not so much..

I recently saw news program that said things like facebook, twitter and blogs were giving people a false sense that everyone had perfect lives and had it all togethor. This surprised me alot. I have actually deleted some "friends" off of facebook because they used it as a sound stage to whine and cuss in their status updates all the time. I have no desire to read that stuff all the time. But I am soo far from perfect and being organized, etc.  My desire to be organized is still great but after having two kids I just not able to keep up with everything. So here is some non-perfect pics to show my non-perfectness..

This drawer is the worst. there are two of them and they are odd sizes so cooking utensils got thrown in there. Any suggestions on how to fix those?

This area is in the kitchen too. I clean it off alot and yet it looks like I never do.

This is the dining room. I started painting and need to finish it, hopefully this weekend. The boxes are the flooring that Pete needs to install in the living room.

The kids were really quiet and I found them on my bed "reading" my books. This made me smile :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring is just teasing us..

It's hard to believe that two weeks ago it was Spring like outside. This is one of my favorite things about the farm. Freda (Pete's mom) had alot of sand delivered so the grandkids could play in it. They love it!!

And doesnt everyone need a pet turkey? Yep, its tame and it like people. (Its favorite person is Travis-Freda's husband) The turkey does have a name I just cant remember it. They had another one that was really sweet but it choked on some food and went to turkey heaven.

This is also a sign of warm weather- Pete coming into eat dinner covered in oil, dirt and whatever else he has been working on. As you can tell by his smile farming is his favorite thing :)

Flowers starting to bloom as well. But then of course its been cold and even snowed (didnt stick thank goodness) so I guess we will be keep playing with legos and reading books until it warms up agian.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Fun..

                      Well I was really blessed to have visitors during Oklahoma's Spring Break .

  Caitlin got to come for a few days over the weekend.She is one of my closest friends from high school and college. We had fun shopping, cutting coupons, and watching girl movies (yes, Pete watched them too..)
Suzanne came about mid-week. She was my neighbor in Stillwater for 6 years. I now realize how rare it is have such a great friend and neighbor right next door. We primed my dining room, walked 3 miles every evening, watched more girl movies (i know--poor Pete) and lots of HGTV!!

The kids really miss her too :)

Did I mention that she has lost 78 pounds???

How awesome is the family of God that when you move away, someone from your church family follows about a year later. Jessica Campbell and I ( and the kids too) explored Wichita on Friday. She is moving here after  her wedding to Richie Alexander thats the guy that my kids tackle every Wedsday when he eats dinner with us