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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Perfect?? not so much..

I recently saw news program that said things like facebook, twitter and blogs were giving people a false sense that everyone had perfect lives and had it all togethor. This surprised me alot. I have actually deleted some "friends" off of facebook because they used it as a sound stage to whine and cuss in their status updates all the time. I have no desire to read that stuff all the time. But I am soo far from perfect and being organized, etc.  My desire to be organized is still great but after having two kids I just not able to keep up with everything. So here is some non-perfect pics to show my non-perfectness..

This drawer is the worst. there are two of them and they are odd sizes so cooking utensils got thrown in there. Any suggestions on how to fix those?

This area is in the kitchen too. I clean it off alot and yet it looks like I never do.

This is the dining room. I started painting and need to finish it, hopefully this weekend. The boxes are the flooring that Pete needs to install in the living room.

The kids were really quiet and I found them on my bed "reading" my books. This made me smile :)

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