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Monday, March 21, 2011

March Fun..

                      Well I was really blessed to have visitors during Oklahoma's Spring Break .

  Caitlin got to come for a few days over the weekend.She is one of my closest friends from high school and college. We had fun shopping, cutting coupons, and watching girl movies (yes, Pete watched them too..)
Suzanne came about mid-week. She was my neighbor in Stillwater for 6 years. I now realize how rare it is have such a great friend and neighbor right next door. We primed my dining room, walked 3 miles every evening, watched more girl movies (i know--poor Pete) and lots of HGTV!!

The kids really miss her too :)

Did I mention that she has lost 78 pounds???

How awesome is the family of God that when you move away, someone from your church family follows about a year later. Jessica Campbell and I ( and the kids too) explored Wichita on Friday. She is moving here after  her wedding to Richie Alexander thats the guy that my kids tackle every Wedsday when he eats dinner with us

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