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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weight Loss part 2..

Sept 2010
I am actually starting to enjoy clothes shopping again and running into people that I haven't seen in years. Yep, I intentionally tried to hide from people sometimes, skipped events and just felt yucky most of the time. But I am starting to recognize that lady in the mirror. I started by watching my portion sizes and just making better choices on foods. I started that in February 2010 and I lost weight. Then in April of 2010 we moved away from my support system, so I had to regroup. I think the kids screamed at me the first two weeks we moved which made me wanna EAT!! But it also made me walk them to the park several times a week. Newton has a GREAT walking paths along the river and all around town and most of them connect to each other. Its about a 3 mile round trip to park the kids love so that helped resume the weight loss. Then in September we went out to California for Pete's brother's wedding and it seemed like I had totally hit a plateau for few months.

So in December I stared thinking about what I could do to really knock off the weight for good.
 I saw Suzanne's great success with Weight Watchers and found a meeting site.
I knew with the colder winter months approaching that I would be more inclined to eat,not be as active and I didn't want to gain any of that weight back.


I get asked all the time if its hard to write the points down and look stuff up. I don't think so.
We make time for the things that are important and taking care of ourselves needs to be on the top of the list or we can't take care or help anyone else.
 I have learned so much about myself and well cooking.. (I think Pete is grateful for the cooking part) 
Is it always easy?? nope.. I have days where I struggle (especially stressful days) but everyday is a new day.
 I don't let a bad day keep me from my end goal.

My favorite site for something yummy and different is 
She is also on facebook. New ones are added often.
I still have 20 pounds to go so I am not close to done yet.
 Those pounds have been there awhile and are holding on tight. But I have 3 great reason to lose them.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weight Loss part 1....

 I love to exercise! One of my favorite things is Zumba. I lost weight between pregnancies attending those classes. It's a fun dance class that tricks you into working out. I LOVE walking, I LOVE a classes that are cardio and strength training mixed and I really LOVE Pilate's classes too. I also LOVE to eat especially when I am stressed out. After I had Lily, our life was crazy. Pete was laid off and then took a  job in another state. I had the kids during the week while we waited on our home to sale which took 5 months. My neighbor for 6 years was and still is one of my best buddies. Our kids played together, we were members at the same church, scrapbooked together and exercised off and on together too. But in 2010 we decided to get serious about it.

                                Here's a pic of us in Spring of 2010. Here's a shot of a group of us..

Here's a recent pic!! Look at the changes!!!

Updated group pic!!

These ladies are great source of encouragement too!! I may not talk to them in person as much since we no longer live in the same state. But thanks to Facebook and texting we stay in touch, share our struggles and accomplishments too!!
Oh and Tonya was at there too but at different times when pics where taken.

                                       She is great example of overcoming her struggles and MAINTAINING her goals!!
 Before I moved I got to workout with her at Gym One.
                                         I learned SO much from her and she is an amazing encouragement to me too!
                                           As you can tell I am social person :)
                                          I like to exercise with friends and eat with them too!
                                          What made the difference in our lives?
                                            Tracking what we ate!!!
                                             Melinda, April, Suzanne and I track with Weight Watchers!
                                            Tonya writes down her daily calorie intake and has for years !

 In order for this too not to be crazy long,
 I am doing it in two parts which I hope to post by the end of the day :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Is it June yet??

The wheat is starting to turn... If the next two weeks are sunny, we could be havesting in early JUNE!! However there's that word IF.. it haunts me all summer long when it comes to making plans... well mainly in June. Everything depends on the weather and I have grown to trust the Lord knows what he is doing with that so sitting around worrying about the weather doesnt do me any good.

The kids enjoyed seeing Grandma Freda. They love summers at the farm!

Pete is in "Pre- Turbo" mode. "Turbo" appears when Harvest starts and then Pete re-appears when the combine is shut off and all the wheat is cut.

The combine is all ready to go. Ryan sneezed when I took the picture. Then he ran off. oh well..

They went back to bubbles.

I spent alot of the weekend looking for two litters of kittens. One cat had 5 that all look alike. The other had her kittens in the old pop machine in the barn which was much better than having them in the combine or wheat truck. It'll be a fun adventure catching them later on!

Monday, May 9, 2011

May Moments..

May seems to be flying by and the excitement of the upcoming June harvest is starting to set in..

Lily let me put curlers in her hair. She didnt want to take them out..

Ryan had his Spring school program. It was super cute!

I needed some last minute teacher appreciation gifts found this idea-- flower idea

That site is very helpful lots of great ideas!

I ordered these off of zulily  I do alot of looking more that buying on this site but sometimes there are great deals!! These are going on the playroom wall.

Ryan "Helping " me sort my garage sell buys.

I hit the jackpot on kids clothes at couple of garage sells.. Its my favorite Friday morning hobby!

Kids made me a really sweet card for Mother's Day..

Very SWEET!!