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Monday, May 16, 2011

Is it June yet??

The wheat is starting to turn... If the next two weeks are sunny, we could be havesting in early JUNE!! However there's that word IF.. it haunts me all summer long when it comes to making plans... well mainly in June. Everything depends on the weather and I have grown to trust the Lord knows what he is doing with that so sitting around worrying about the weather doesnt do me any good.

The kids enjoyed seeing Grandma Freda. They love summers at the farm!

Pete is in "Pre- Turbo" mode. "Turbo" appears when Harvest starts and then Pete re-appears when the combine is shut off and all the wheat is cut.

The combine is all ready to go. Ryan sneezed when I took the picture. Then he ran off. oh well..

They went back to bubbles.

I spent alot of the weekend looking for two litters of kittens. One cat had 5 that all look alike. The other had her kittens in the old pop machine in the barn which was much better than having them in the combine or wheat truck. It'll be a fun adventure catching them later on!

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