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Monday, July 11, 2011

Working out with Ryan.

Ryan joined Jessica and I during our excerise dvd. It was quite entertaining. He found his own ball.

He used lincoln logs as his weights. Even had a "heavy" and "light" weight.

This is Ryan and Jessica, Jess was a good sport letting me take a pic.
We were trying to not crack up while we worked out. He stopped in the middle of some excerises to eat mac and cheese.

Thanks,Jessica for being a good sport and working out with a 4.5 yr old.
Often during the workout he would say "This is harder than I thought"
"whew, I am kinda tired" It cracked me up to look over and see his version of the excerises.
(yes, I did workout-took the pics after) Got the excerise ball at walmart!
Here's the dvds we found that are great workouts for your core. I got them off of Fix - Stability Ball Workout

Monday, July 4, 2011

Working out..

I have learned alot about myself since joining Weight Watchers last December.
              1. That I struggle with emotional eating more that what I realize
              2. I am a social exceriser
              3. I like yummy healthy food alot
              4. I can and do like to cook most days!
                                                      This was right before I joined

                                                    Almost 6 mths later
                                      ( I was out in the field no makeup so dont look too close)

                           I have been blessed with a workout buddy this last week too! We have big goals and she is a morning person that motivates me too! I am working on toning. The gym here doesnt have childcare hours during the classes so I had to come up with another plan and was blessed that Jessica Alexander needed a buddy too so we started our 6am workouts!!
                                                                   Cindy Crawford - Shape Your Body Workout
                                                                              This is actually a great workout, its older but has some great excerises. I ordered it off Amazon. I used to the tape version with my mom and sister.
And we are going to add these into our rotation -

Quick Fix - Stability Ball Workout


oh its July already??

July seems to have snuck up on me!! We have been busy, busy, busy and outside ALOT!!!
I helped with the Chisholm Trail Festival - this a pic of the some of the games. Its takes ALOT to put togethor a town festival!!

Have been busy with Field work- burning fields is one of my favorite things to help out with!

Its really awesome at night.

                                                     Have got to be crafty some too, making invites for a friend
                                                       that is having her first baby this fall.
                                              (LOVE that she is doing an OSU nursery)

Have had some downtime with the kids at the farm too.
My mother in-law and I switch off on tractor and kid watching depending on the weekend.
This chicken forgot that it wasnt a cat...The kittens hissed at it but it didnt care.

and have been enjoying some sunsets too!