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Monday, July 4, 2011

Working out..

I have learned alot about myself since joining Weight Watchers last December.
              1. That I struggle with emotional eating more that what I realize
              2. I am a social exceriser
              3. I like yummy healthy food alot
              4. I can and do like to cook most days!
                                                      This was right before I joined

                                                    Almost 6 mths later
                                      ( I was out in the field no makeup so dont look too close)

                           I have been blessed with a workout buddy this last week too! We have big goals and she is a morning person that motivates me too! I am working on toning. The gym here doesnt have childcare hours during the classes so I had to come up with another plan and was blessed that Jessica Alexander needed a buddy too so we started our 6am workouts!!
                                                                   Cindy Crawford - Shape Your Body Workout
                                                                              This is actually a great workout, its older but has some great excerises. I ordered it off Amazon. I used to the tape version with my mom and sister.
And we are going to add these into our rotation -

Quick Fix - Stability Ball Workout


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