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Monday, July 11, 2011

Working out with Ryan.

Ryan joined Jessica and I during our excerise dvd. It was quite entertaining. He found his own ball.

He used lincoln logs as his weights. Even had a "heavy" and "light" weight.

This is Ryan and Jessica, Jess was a good sport letting me take a pic.
We were trying to not crack up while we worked out. He stopped in the middle of some excerises to eat mac and cheese.

Thanks,Jessica for being a good sport and working out with a 4.5 yr old.
Often during the workout he would say "This is harder than I thought"
"whew, I am kinda tired" It cracked me up to look over and see his version of the excerises.
(yes, I did workout-took the pics after) Got the excerise ball at walmart!
Here's the dvds we found that are great workouts for your core. I got them off of Fix - Stability Ball Workout

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