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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

favorite snow day things

                                   So we got snowed in this week. Pete made it to work safely thankfully because Agco never closes but it took him longer to get there. Here are a few of my favorite things on Snow Day.. Fred on the couch.. The dogs are mainly outdoors but when its cold they come in.. Fred loves the couch. He was our kid before we had kids. So he is a tad bit spoiled.
A warm fire so the kids and I can snuggle on the couch.

looking out the window
but not going out in it cause it soo nasty cold.

yes, I like warm comfort food
However I also love the bright colors on a fresh salad along with.. zero points for Weight Watchers and it reminds me of SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are a must when stuck in house with kids. yes, they are 6pts on Weight Watchers for 5 of them and they are soo worth every point. (dark chocolate)

  not necessarily this one but I love to do one these because I feel so much better after a "walk". Its one our cable (digital-on demand for free) but I also have gotten some at Walmart for $9. I started doing them with Suzanne- my neighbor in Oklahoma and its def a healthy addiction!! but I do prefer outside but this is great on blah day like today!!

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