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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A June Picnic

Despite the really dry winter,our wheat looked really great. This a picture off the East patch of the North place. Yea, it really gets confusing because different generations of Pete's family call some of the fields different names. I think there should be little signs on the fields.

Ryan loved helping his daddy this year! He rode on the combine for most of the day and was a great helper. Ryan's favorite thing to do right now is have a picnic.

He was REALLY excited to eat out in the field under the red truck. (yes, this is the truck that I don't really like at all, its big and hard to drive when it has alot of wheat on it)

Our  "CHEF" (Pete's mom)

Steak sandwich... yum!! Yes, I kept track of my points for Weight Watchers and I lost one pound that week. I think my exercise points cancelled out this sandwich really easily. The farm kitchen is also stocked with LOTS of fresh fruits, veggies, salad, salty chips when u need them and some chocolate in the drawer in the freezer for those times when its just plain necessary.

One of my favorite times of day in the field is dusk. It cools down and is really peaceful. It was hard to get a good picture of the combine going at night, I'll try again next year!

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