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Monday, October 17, 2011

New goals...

These are so true. My lifestyle has had major changes since April 2010. It takes a lot of motivation but the endurance to get through it comes from deep down. Having a support group is a must! If you need some structure and great weekly support click here ---> WW

I came across this on Pintrest. I haven't run consistently for exercise since Jr High. Over the years I have done aerobics, zumba,pilates, cycling, lots of walking and kickboxing. I enjoy all of these but I needed a new goal. I am attending a Zumba class twice a week but I need more than two workouts a week. So I decided to train my body to run. I just moved to a new town and Pete's cousin Tiffany is  "coaching" me. It's been awesome. I am still learning form and how to breathe and run at the same time.. Its easier for me to do this with my eyes closed but that doesn't go well with running outside.

Our scenery isn't as pretty as this but its nice being outside.

I need shoe suggestions!!!


  1. whatever kind of shoes those are they are super cute!!

  2. Since I already made a comment on FB about shoes, I'll add to this one. Good shoes to run are a must!!!!!! It will improve your will help avoid injuries. And, not to say Andrea's previous comment about cute shoes isn't true, BUT, base your running shoe choice on what's appropriate for your foot and NOT what's cute. In fact, a good running shoe salesperson does NOT like it when you select a shoe on cuteness.

  3. I would definitely talk with a shoe sales person so you can get the right shoes for what type of surface you will be mostly running on. Plus they can help you to get the right fit, since you typically get a larger size for running. Best wishes!