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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Settled

Well we have been in our new house about a month. I feel more at home day by day. I am defianelty overwhelmed by all the projects I wanna do but have been doing small ones here and there so that i can really get a vision for the rooms. I have met people here in town. Mostly at the park or walking to the park. Everyone walks in this town so thats really motivating. I want a bike for my bday. Pete and I used to bike all over then we graduated college and the other town we lived into didnt have all the neat bike paths this one does. I am thinking this town will make us SKINNY!!

I def think I was in a rut in our old town. I was pregnant, no energy, Pete got graves diease, had baby then Pete got laid off and our lifes already adjusting to changes completely flipped upside down. but now I feel stronger and I feel more like myself and actually creative. Pete is having hard time with his new job tho. Its ran alot differently than what he is used to and people in that area dont stay more than a year. So have lots to pray for him. He hates change tho, I love change. So expected him not to adjusted easy, just like Ryan..haha.. but Ryan does a little better everyday.

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