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Monday, August 16, 2010

well a little update would be nice,huh??

Well, the first three weeks here were really hard on the kiddos but now they have settled in well. We have found plenty of places to get out of the house (parks, library, walking trails and even a playdate!!) I actually met a mom at the library that attends the church we have gone to a few times(due to the typical summer farming season)and have met several places and are starting to get to know each other.. that is a blessing! I like this town, its got a small town feel but lots of neat things that the big college town didnt have like the "slow pace" feel of traffic and did I mention the walking paths??

Ryan starts preschool next month. I am so glad, he has lots of energy, but more importantly he really enjoys getting out and going places. I have a feeling that I am going to have push Lily out the door.. but until then I will enjoy her.. She sometimes makes sense when she talks and amongst the gibber gabber I will hear all of the sudden "I'm stuck", Shoes, Mine, and her favorite is thank you as she points to whatever it is she wants.. Ryan today told he couldnt find the instructions, which made me laugh cause its not like he could read them??

The house is coming along, I totally have ADD when starting projects, thanks some visits from friends have been able to focus better on one project at a time. I have greatly enjoyed visits from friends, it was hard to see them leave.

Farming is starting to slow down a little. well I say that but it really depends on the weather. We get to go to California in September for Trenton's wedding. We are soo excited!! Little nervous about the flight with 2 kids. I am hoping to have a fall garage sell and get the house painted. I have 18 gallons of paint that need to be used, ok well more like 15 now.. making progress, slowly in all areas but overall its been a good change for our family:)

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  1. yay! another post...but how about some pictures? :o) It's a blessing to get to know you too Erica-you're so fun!