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Saturday, August 21, 2010


So visited Stillwater today. my old neighborhood. even sat in the front yard with my neighbor just like old times and kids played in the sprinkler for 3 hrs.. something u cant do in Newton cause the water bill is so HIGH!! but it didnt bother me to seee my old house this time. It doesnt feel like home anymore. It was wierd driving around town, brand new Taco Bell, McAlester's got a facelift and so did Red Lobster.. However, I dont miss the 20,000 college students that are driving around town, thank u very much I will take Newton anyday!!

Pete is laying immona down, has had two repairs that he has to do so he is gonna have to do another weekend of it most likely.. I enjoy farming however in August is when I am ready to be done... and we will still have to plant wheat, harvest milo and soybeans, so I have to be patient and pray that weather, and equipment go with the "plan" which is weekends since we now live 1hr 30 min from the farm. which I hope to start going to church regulary and getting plugged in and start to really know people in Newton, however I enjoy seeing my friends and some family on the weekends, it fills my cup that gets me thru the week..

I went looking for a dress for Trenton's wedding and all the fall clothes made me want to have fall weather.

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