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Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Last Month..

Well I had Hoped to be one of those that posts everyday but yea, that is not going to happen. but maybe one day I will figure out how to post pics like all the savy tech moms out there.. dont hold ur breather so far I had to reload and edit this 4 times due to interupptions and well kids...

Last month we took our kids to California,on a plane!! and other than running thru the Denver airport like a crazy scene from a movie, they did really well on the planes.. Lily sat on my lap on the planes and took naps. Ryan played on his leapster most of the time.

California was a blast. Only a few minor hiccups- Like not getting there with Ryan's clothes for the wedding, that was fun.. Trying to find black slacks in September was a mess, however the local Salvation Army had a pair for under $4!(Lori was a lifesaver here too) oh and hotel reserverations ended in Porterville 6hrs before the wedding and the other was in a different town far away from the wedding... Thankfully my awesome sister-in- law Lori and (and Pete's brother Chance) helped out soo much!! Yep, 9 of us getting ready in a hotel room was fun!! We always laugh alot with them so we got really spoiled see them several days in a row. The whole reason we went there was for Trenton and Christi's wedding, which was beautiful and the reception was a BLAST!! (Lori and I were wrangling 5 kids during the ceremony)

However, I cant get the pictures from the top to the bottom, so bare with me as I still navitage this thing... Its great that now the Matthiesens have finally added some girls.. When I married Pete, the farm was dominated with boys that didnt shut doors when they went to bathroom, often forgot thier clothes when going from shower to thier rooms.. and now almost 9 years later with the additions of Lori,Christi,Lily and Lola, there is more of a balance!! YAY!

We also have been to the State Fair and an Apple Orchard!

Now we are planting wheat! (Well Pete is ) I am ready for the Farm stuff to slow down for the winter. I love the hustle and bustle of Harvest in June but I am ready to continue getting the 1970's out of this house.

2 weeks ago We got to see Melissa and Sam for a little bit.. It was nice to see familiar faces.. Even one that look that looks at the boys and says "Lets go find a snake" At first I didnt think she was serious but then I grabbed my camera just in time!!

Ok , so hopefully my posts wont be as long and not so far bewteen either! :)

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