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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ryan is 4... whew that Was fast..

I can remember the day he was born detailed more than  I remember my wedding day and graduations. That sweet baby in the picture kept me up from 2am to 5am most nights, We could set the clock in the evenings by when he would start and stop crying.

By this age he was showing that I am either really really happy or really not. But his BELLY laugh was contagious!! This was the age that Pete came home and Ryan was in the excauser and he said " aww. I want 5 kids he is soo fun.." You notice we only have 2 kids.. I told  him,well you can have the other ones.

This was the Ryan is into everything but takes fun pictures stage.

                                               He really did calm down once Lily was born. He has really sweet moments with her. When Lily is upset he sings Jesus Loves Me to her.Yep alot of the time he is the reason she is crying.. but she is a different post.
I love that he is older now, I love looking at his younger pics, but I wouldnt go back to those day for anything
He has such an enthusiam for life and the energy to go with it. His tempermant is a lot closer to balanced now.When he gets upset or really tired, he still takes awhile to wind down. However, He loves people and espically strangers so that makes outings very entertaining.. I am really enjoying watching him grow.. There was a time when I thought I would never have a baby so he is defianety an answer to alot of prayer..I always remember that on a bad day.. thankfully those are less and less now that he is older, its more like "moments" I am excited to see what he will grow up to be and do and who he will marry.. I hoping he wrecks his bike alot so he wont wreck his car... 

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