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Friday, December 31, 2010


Well December and well November have flown by.. We celebrated our first Christmas in Kansas.. All day in our pj's playing and eating!!

The day after Christmas we went to Pete's mom's for the day. His brother Chance and our sister-in law Lori have 3 kids and our kids love LOVE,LOVE playing with thier cousins!! There is never a dull moments with the kids. It really makes hoildays so fun. One day Lori and I will be able to finish converstations agian when they are older!!  We have been all boys but now have added 2 girls so its fun navigating thru Girl world togethor!!
This a quick shot of our new floors Pete is installing this week. The white thing is piece of plastic that didnt get pciked up. But this is the hall looking into the formal living area. The hall, laundry room,kitchen, family room and formal living area are all getting these floors. Yea,lots of projects for us!! I got a new laptop from Santa.. my other one went to laptop heaven!! much easier to post blogs from a computer that works!!
Happy New YEAR!!

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