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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

getting organized and lots more....

I was just reading a childhood friend's blog about her desire to get more organized. Brenda is an amazing writer and even had a worksheet attached to it so I could clearly figure out my frustrations and goals.. So here is my goals for 2011 and beyond.

2010 was a year was full of lots of changes. It ended a 6 mth period of me having the children Monday thru Friday while Pete worked in another state. He had been laid off from a company in April 2009 (lily was 2mths old). So exactly a year later we moved to Kansas. Everyone told me to give yourself time to get settled... HA-- I will totally listen next time... :)  We bought an older home that lots of room and also lots and lots WALLPAPER. I used to be totally OCD before kids were born. I now often cringe when opening my bathroom cabinets and my dresser drawers.. I kept last years goal of losing weight. I lost 30 pds! Now I am shooting for 40! I joined Weight Watchers a month ago and I am really learning how to eat and make better choices but also my favorites too. Pete's job has turned out to be very demanding and not what we expected so it has made Farming season very busy. But we are grateful he is employed! I am planning on tackling alot of things before June when farm work kicks into high gear.

  • Take a shower at least every other day and style my hair plus makeup daily.
  • .Read my bible daily
  • Organize the upstairs bathrooms closets..
  • .Organize my dresser.
  •  Get the remaining 4 rooms with Wallpaper down.
  •  Do laundry every other day.
  • Take kids on walk everyday (weather permitting- if not structed indoor activity)
  • Make cards or scrapbook once a month.
  • Stay on top of finances,things to be mailed.
  • Meal plan
  • Go to sleep by 10, get up at 6:30.
  • Intentional Excerise 3 times a week
  • Read more books (book club ones, parenting,etc)
  • Keep my nails clean and filed..
  • Lose the 40 pounds by making good choices everyday.. (aka not stress eating)
Yep, I know some of them are odd but sometimes in times of big changes and stress, mommies forget to do little things for themselves.. I read Lisa Welchel's book Taking time for the Me in Mommy.. book info here
when I was pregnant with Lily but didnt have alot time to apply it and choas of life hit. However during that time I drew close to the Lord and I know that Life isnt easy and its not fair... He is my strength and guide during those times of turmoil and calm too!! I defianetly have lots of areas to improve on in my life.

We have all had the stomach flu so I plan to start one at a time start working on my goals, some with take time while others just need me to focus and not get distracted walking from room to another..


  1. Hey, Erica! I'm so glad to have someone I know joining in. I'm right there with you on the personal hygiene. Some of it is time, but a lot of times, I'm jsut too exhausted and lazy to do it when I do get the time.

    You have been a great motivator to me this past year is weight loss and staying healthy. Thanks. I'm going back at it again... hopefully it will be easier once I wean and won't be pregnant right away again.

  2. I don't think any of those goals are odd! I'm right there with ya! :) I think I might make a list, too.. hmm...

  3. Funny how many of us just want to shower more often! Great (and ambitious) list!