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Monday, September 26, 2011

Afternoon Snacks

One thing I have learned in this weight loss journey is that snacking is good for me. But I don't mean sneaking bits my little people's snacks like I used to. My typical go to snack in the afternoon is an apple and it has be that color to hit the spot!
Sometimes I pair it with a cheese stick. I usually have a coupon for these and the yogurt so it makes it affordable!
I do like variety so the apples are always in fridge for when I run out of yougurt and other fruit.

I had blueberries and strawberries today!

I used to gorge myself on chips and salsa. It was really the salsa that I enjoyed the most. Granted I do love chips and I can down a bag of jalepeno kettle chips really fast but I have learned to not eat them everyday and if they are around me to count them out. I love the Special K crackers and I really enjoy The Laughing Cow cheese. I have also put the cheese on celery. A lady at one my WW meetings suggested salsa and carrots. It is also one of my favorite snacks. When I eat a snack in the mid afternoon I tend to be less hungry at dinner and my portion sizes choices are better too! It has really helped me lose the 52 pounds. I have 7 till my WW goal and I would really like to be 10 under that :) But its not really about the number as it  is about clothing sizes and how tone I am.

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