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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fly soup anyone?

So we are more settled in Perry now. Granted, I have to organize my craft closet but overall feeling settled. So I have been in dinner rut. I decided to go through all recipe books and write down recipes that looked like it would fairly simple and yummy to eat! 

I love cookbooks. Especially ones with pictures. But I haven't really ever went read them with the intent of making meal plans.
I also love a new notebook. I came across this one one clearance at Walmart for 50 cents. Its my dedicated meal idea  notebook now and I put what book and page number the recipe can be found in.
Then in my other notebook I am writing down my weekly meal plans so that I can remember what was made - I can write down what the family thought about it. (OK so Lily doesn't count because she is so picky,LOL) Also want to keep track so that I don't repeat a recipe over and over wear it out too much.

I got this menu board at a garage sale a few years ago. I try to keep some flexibility during the week because sometimes things come up and change the afternoon or evening plans so I have some fast quick meals (sandwiches, fish sticks) that can easily be substituted if it's needed like this week when we ended up taking wheat to the co-op to get cleaned for planting so Tuesday nights meal ended up being at Braums. Ryan requested baked ham, corn and grapes for his birthday dinner on Wednesday. I was really excited to try baked potato soup on Thursday. Its my sister in law Lori's recipe and it smelled awesome cooking and tasted even better! Well that was until Pete got to the bottom of the bowl and found a cooked fly. He was not happy. Bless his heart, he has survived alot of my cooking experiments over the years. So when I walked in the kitchen I wasn't really surprised to see he had rewritten my menu plan for TThursday and Friday. Since I threw out the leftover soup we are having BBQ pork chops not fried possum as Pete seems to have requested!  I do print off recipes off the Internet and cut them out of magazines but its nice have other resources and not be dependent on the Internet all the time.

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