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Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Milestone.

                              I love November. Its not just the changing color of the trees, fun football games (GO OSU COWBOYS!!) and I get to wear fuzzy socks a lot. Its a time where traditions of friends and fun times happen. Life is a little slower since now the farm is in the "off" season till about the end of April when Pete will start getting this ready for the June harvest season. Last year we were in Kansas so I didn't get to attend the EHBC shopping day. It started about 10 years ago, the women go shopping all day long eat at Abuelo's for dinner, shop till Target closes at 10 pm then meet at The Cheesecake Factory for yummy dessert and coffee. Since I have really been focused on weight loss and making better choices I was a little nervous about the trip. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mexican food. Chips and salsa are a huge craving for me. I love restaurant salsa. So much that in the past I when I was pregnant with both of the little people I would get the salsa to go and eat it all week. yep,probably more of an addiction. But over the last year and half I also realized that I love Mexican food but it's not really the tacos, burritos and enchiladas so much as it is the chips and salsa. I also love restaurant tortilla soup. So now I get a cup of soup, count out my chips (12 for 4 WW points plus). I also break up my chips so that it feels like I have more. Since I really enjoy the soup I don't feel like I am not enjoying eating out!
One thing I realized is that I really enjoy the atmosphere and visiting with my friends. It's not all about the food. I can have fun, enjoy the evening and not have huge amount over the guilt over what I consumed the next day. This what a huge thing for me to think about.
 Especially when I looked up the information on The Cheesecake Factory. My goals for this week and the information didn't mesh. But I focused on the fact that most of these ladies I don't see often ,so really visiting and talking about our finds is what I love the most and being in the atmosphere of the restaurant is one of my favorite things of the year. I found that the caramel apple cider did fit with my goals for this week.
It looked something liked that..but yes I did give up eating these yummies...

But I had a blast, still had a special treat and enjoyed shopping! Also two of my weight loss buddies were there so that helped to have the accountability. This season of Holidays can be tough on the waistline but making informed choices, planning out the trips and meals on the upcoming holidays really makes a difference. I have a lot of all that coming up and I am determined to keep my goals! So whats your plan and whats your goal for the upcoming months??

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