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Thursday, November 3, 2011

OSU Homecoming Fun!

Pete and I are both graduates of Oklahoma State University. We didn't realize how much we enjoyed living around the college atmosphere until we moved away. Now granted, the traffic is not fun during games days and every August its nuts when the students get back in town. We missed walking into Walmart and seeing orange cups, clothes and hats. I don't miss being in college the week of Homecoming. It never failed that I would have a big group project with people that had to work on Homecoming house decorations and sometimes I really think that professors enjoyed making that week hard for that reason. Here's some pictures of this year's fun! I have read in different places that there was between 75,000 and 80,000 people there this year and with all the traffic I believe it !
Here's some of them in the daylight.

                                                  We got to go the Homecoming Parade this year. Most of the time in college I was either asleep, at work or it was really just too cold out since it's at 9 a.m. and Oklahoma weather is just that random. The little people had a blast! We snagged a seat with our friends the Ingrams.

Here's the lawnmower drill team. The little people thought this was neat.

Yep, they gave out cheese. yum.

Here's a picture of the traffic coming into Stillwater for the game, I'm glad that we were on our way out! I like watching football games on t.v. where there's the yellow line on the screen so you know if it's a first down or not.

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