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Monday, November 28, 2011

Warm Winter Love

I am not a big fan of winter. I tend to want to hibernate under covers and not get out in the cold especially when its dreary and windy outside. I have been trying to think about the positive things of this season. Then last Friday about midnight I discovered these really amazing slippers at Old Navy.

old navy
I got mine in store for 40% off and I don't want to take them off ever. I wish I could find boots that were this comfortable to wear out in public. (with these and my comfy leggings I feel like a 80's aerobic instructor so I shouldn't go out in public like that) But after discovering these it takes a lot for me to want to leave the house and have to take them off. Another reason its hard to leave my cozy living room is because the the little people helped decorate the Christmas tree.

Yes, it has taken all I have not to rearrange their decorating but Ryan is so proud of it. Our house in Kansas is still for sale so we are living in a cozy rent house. The lights on the Christmas tree, my hot black tea , two little people to snuggle up with in our fleece OSU blanket and my slippers, I may just stay in till Spring.

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